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Welcome to Crowfoot

Historic Sportsmen's Club
Dedicated to Outdoor Sports & Interests
Family Oriented

in 1937, a small group of local sportsmen who loved the great outdoors decided to meet regularly to discuss hunting, fishing, and conservation. The name "Crowfoot" was chosen to honor the bird that had become a respected adversary, and source of sport to so many members.

The growing reputation of Crowfoot for its work in the field of conservation attracted other like-minded sportsmen to seek membership.  In 1942 a 28 acre farm was purchased in Franklin Township to provide members with a more well-rounded program of activities. Today this property is located in Murrysville, PA. 

From its earliest days Crowfoot has had a tradition of passing knowledge of outdoor sports to younger generations.  Many of our most senior members can recall coming to Crowfoot as children to learn, archery, shotgun sports, and marksmanship.  Today Crowfoot has a skilled Junior Olympic Archery Development  (JOAD) program to carry on this tradition.

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